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If you have collections in more than one state enter the state that contains the majority of your collection.
Value of Collectibles
Enter the Estimated Value of your collection to the nearest $100. For a collection in excess of $1,000,000, contact Collectibles Insurance at 888-837-9537.
Value of General Collectibles to be insured:
(Other than Stamps, or Guns, Knives & Edged Weapons)
Value of Guns, Knives & Edged Weapons to be insured:
(Note: All Collector Gun Policies Automatically include Full Burglary & Theft)
Value of Stamps to be insured:
Although Collectibles Insurance Services provides coverage for a broad array of collectibles, there are some collectibles not eligible for coverage.
Click here for listing of items currently not available for coverage.
Central Station Alarm - Calls Alarm Company or Police (location away from premise which is continually monitored)
Safe Requirements – 300 lbs empty, no wheels and a combination or digital lock
Vault Requirements – metal door, 3 inch walls and no windows
Collector Options
Automatic Monthly Increase
An optional automatic monthly increase of 1% in coverage per month for new acquisitions and appreciation of existing collectibles. This increase is NOT compounded monthly and stops at $1,000,000.
Full Burglary and Theft Coverage
Select this option if you would like Full Burglary and Theft Coverage. Collectibles Insurance Services offers both limited and full burglary and theft coverage. Limited burglary and theft provides coverage up to a maximum of $60,000 or the policy limit whichever is less. Full burglary and theft provides coverage up to the policy limit. Note: All Gun Policies Automatically include Full Burglary and Theft
Coverage for items kept in storage is available up to $100,000 at the storage facility for an additional 15% of premium.
Gold/Platinum Coins Coverage $
Gold/Platinum Coins can be added to your policy upon request for an additional premium of $6.50 per $1,000 up to $10,000 and $10.00 per $1,000 for amounts over $10,000. Please contact Collectibles Insurance Services for amounts in excess of $20,000.
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